Terrestrial digital (Freeview/Freesat) box or Sky Satellite box, not responding to remote command or frozen?

Technology is not just there yet so they need to be "re-booted" just like a computer. Try disconnecting the device from the electrical supply for 5 minutes, then re-connect to power.

Digital terrestrial reception from wrong transmitter?

This commonly happens when unwanted signals are prior to wanted signals ie: if you require high frequency's from the Midhurst transmitter. When a "auto scan"is requested try plugging the aerial in the input of receiver approximately 60% though it`s channel scan, this will cause the receiver to ingnoor the unwanted channels.

TV or Aerial/Satellite fault?

Try a DVD or video on the TV, if these do not work then it could be the TV.
Other TV's working off the same system? If these show the same problem or fault, indeed the aerial or satellite reception system may be the cause.

Problems with Audio (sound) & or video on TV?

Typical cause could be a loose or un-connected lead (HDMI or Scart) from receiver/video/DVD/etc to the display TV, many Scart leads are prone to coming adrift, try pushing in the connector firmly at the device end & the TV connection input.

Sky Satellite Remote not operating/controlling TV?  

This commonly happens when the batteries have been removed from the Sky control for more than 10 minuets or the remote has not been configured for a new/replacement TV etc.
1. Press the TV button on the Sky remote control. 
2. Press & hold the select button (middle of the navigation buttons) & the red button on the Sky remote control at the same time, about 2 seconds! LED should blink on Sky remote.
3. Then enter the 4 digit code corresponding to your TV (the codes required should be within the Sky box manuel or see below)
4. The LED display on the Sky remote control should blink twice after the correct code/proceedure!
Press the off button on the Sky remote control (top right) & the TV should switch off.  If it will not, then press the TV button on the Sky remote control & the off button repeatedly untill the TV swithess off (TV & the off button) When the remote is configured by the TV turning off! press the select buttton on the Sky remote control to finalise the configuation.
Typical codes required are as below:

Aiwa 0106
Akai 0098
Akura 0042
Alba 0043
Amstrad 0063
Baird 0117
Bang & Olufsen 0118
Bpl 0115
Beko 0125
Beon 0899
Brionvega 0147
Bush 0157
Crown 0225
Daewoo 0092
Decca 0244
Dual 0257
Ferguson 0293
Fidelity 0294
Finlandia 0296
Finlux 0297
Fisher 0154
Funai 0179
Genexxa 0330
Goldstar 0056
Goodmans 0335
Granada 0340
Grundig 0345
Harwood 0361
Hinari 0365
Hitachi 0145
Itt 0384
JVC 0053
Loewe 0442
Matsui 0477
Memorex 0037
Metz 0491
Minoka 0921
Mitsubishi 0150
Nei 0514
Nikkai 0528
Nokia 0536
Nordmende 0537
Orion 0549
Panasonic 0051
Philips 0081
Pioneer 0166
Protech 0595
Pye 0600
Roadstar 0625
Saba 0645
Saisho 0649
Salora 0651
Samsung 0060
Sanyo 0159
Schneider 0665
Seleco 0672
Sharp 0093
Siemens 0680
Sony 0000
Soundwave 0702
Tandy 0741
Tatung 0049
Techincs 0250
Telefunken 0757
Thomson 0771
Thorn 0772
Thorn-ferguson 0936
Toshiba 0156







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