Signal Distribution Systems for multiple out-let reception

To supply Television, Radio & Satellite signal reception to more than one outlet, also known as MATV/SMATV or IRS. Typical system consists of receiving aerials, signal distribution amplifier equipment & coaxial cable network for supply of  signal reception to any number of out-lets/properties.

We can provide "within standards" systems for:

  • Domestic/Home installations
  • Communal/Shared properties

Please note that any Comunal/Shared system requires comliance with BS EN 50083 standards.

This European safety standard requires that any cabled/shared network for UHF/VHF/DAB ( TV & Radio) Satellite signals, sound signals and interactive services has adequate electrical safety provision, these requirements are based on EN 50083-1:1994 to current.
The Standard has been a mandatory requirement for many years & is concerned with the prevention of serious injury either to a system user/resident or any maintenance personnel due to the risk of hazardous electrical voltages becoming present on that aerial/satellite distribution system. Either a faulty TV receiver or some other electrical operated equipment being connected to the system would generate these hazardous voltages and pass them around the system unless some electrical protection is provided. The provision of isolation or of earth bonding is intended to provide protection by ensuring that the fault is either prevented from entering the system or is disconnected by the operation of the appropriate over current (circuit) protection device.

The earth bonding connection to any domestic/non-shared system, is not a mandatory requirement at the moment, but it would be wise for who ever concerned to consider the benefits of this electrical safety connection.  




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