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Labour per Hour


Please note that we do not charge a "Call out Fee" for our local working area (generally 15 mile radius of Horsham) whilst carrying out estimates, a possible fee may be charged for "Out of Area" & diagnostics works.

Television Aerials

We typically supply & install:

High Gain digital approved aerial, with 32 elements, CAI benchmarked standard 2

Typical cost:

The 32 element wide band high gain digital compatible/approved UHF aerial, up-to 6ft heavy gauge alloy mast, 6-9" galvanized wall or chimney fittings,
up-to 25 meters digital approved coaxial cable (colour: brown, white or black), approximately 1.5 hours labour, coaxial plug, set-up & re-tune/demonstration.

Total estimated cost £182.00. 

Loft mounted installations estimated cost £162.00.

The final cost may be higher or lower depending upon the signals received, if the required signal levels are not received then additional materials/labour may be required ie : taller mast or signal amplification. Please note that if there is necessity to acquire additional signal levels then I would seek correct approval/permission prior to any un- forseen expense.

Please note: Television receiving aerials provide optimum reception via a clear signal path from mounted position to designated transmitter, if the line of sight to transmitter is obstructed by trees/buildings etc, additional mast length/signal amplification may be required.

Radio Aerials FM/DAB

  1. Omni directional (receives signals via 360 degrees)
  2. Multi elements for directional reception & to acquire increased signal levels

We commonly install omni directional radio aerials as they are more discreet in size & produce the appropriate signal reception within the local area (Horsham).

  • All aerials are supplied with Digital Benchmark/Approved coaxial cable (CAI standards) to ensure high signal transfer & optimum interference rejection.  
  • Loft fittings.
  • Wall or chimney, via heavy gauge alloy mast & single/double/triple support fittings (not flimsy materials so to shorten the life span of the installation)

Satellite Systems

  • Sky systems service & installations
  • Freesat 
  • Sky +
  • Sky HD
  • European fixed dish satellite reception





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