The available methods for digital television reception for Horsham are:

Freeview via aerials
Freesat via satellite dish
Sky via satellite dish

Digital Freeview (UHF Terrestrial)

The Horsham area that is served by the disignated Midhurst transmitter should now provide over 100 digital programs (some radio/data) since swithover March 2012.

Digital reception requires a quality signal at the required strength.

If terrestrial signal reception proves to be inadequate, then an upgrade may be required. This would involve installing a system that will acquire the correct required strength & quality signal level. Unfortunately just by changing from a basic standard so called "analogue" aerial too a digital compatible/benchmarked aerial, may not provide the required levels & significant reception improvements. 
Digital compatible/benchmarked aerials are approved to eliminate/reject interference to correct standards, most are also higher gain which is of benefit in low/fringe reception areas or poor Transmitted signals. One of the most important parts of any receiving system is the coaxial cable, which transfers the captured signal to the receiving equipment (TV/digital receiver) sub-standard coaxial will allow interference ingress & significantly reduce the captured signal levels. 
For example: At high frequency UHF TV band, 100 meters of sub-standard coaxial, the approximate loss would be 70-80%, using benchmarked coaxial the approximately loss would be 15-20%. There is no benefit if optimum reception is required to use inferior coaxial cable.  

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